"For years, Restaurant Under had held a coveted spot on my wish list—a place of magic nestled five and a half meters below the surface in Norway, promising an enchanting exploration of the wonders beneath the sea.'

In late February 2023, our journey took us to Lindesnes, Norway, to capture the Autumn Winter Campaign for the brand Law of the Sea.

The brand possesses an innate fascination for the vastness of open seas, harnessing the energy of the tides to create collections that span various occasions. Shaped by a life surrounded by water, LAW OF THE SEA inspires and guides men's fashion to undiscovered shores. Our looks transcend trends, allowing men to carry the spirit of the ocean into everyday life—crafted for timeless appeal and inspired by the beating heart of the sea.

Every action we take is rooted in our intrinsic motivation for exploration. Our brand serves as the foundation of our adventurous spirit. Whether collaborating with marine conservation organizations, exploring untouched territories for new campaign shoots, or enhancing our production processes for the planet's sake, we seek harmony in a stirring world—led by adventure and guided by passion.

The brand's vision seamlessly aligned with our adventure in Norway. Alongside a local team of Photographer, Assistant, Model, MUAH, and production assistant, we brought this impactful shoot to life.

Sendero brought world-class talent Robin van Den Berg as the second photographer and videographer, capturing incredible content, including drone shots, Instagram content, and behind-the-scenes footage.

Under in Lindesnes, Norway, transcends being merely a restaurant; it's a captivating journey through the icy waters of the North Sea. Submerged five meters below the surface, the experience starts with a panoramic view of the seabed, providing a visual gateway to the rarely seen marine ecosystem of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Designed in collaboration with Snøhetta and local partners, Under seamlessly integrates marine research, architecture, and gastronomy. The concrete structure gradually transforms into an artificial reef, blending harmoniously with its marine environment.

Despite Lindesnes' intense weather conditions, Under offers a tranquil escape, beginning in an oak-clad foyer that guides visitors to a warm and welcoming atmosphere inside.

Under tells a story of contrasts—between the rugged landscape and the sea, above and below the surface. It emphasizes the delicate ecological balance between land and sea, promoting sustainable models for responsible consumption.

In essence, Under is more than just a restaurant; it's an exploration into the unknown. Each guest is granted a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a submerged universe, gaining insights into marine life seldom witnessed. This culinary and sensory adventure pays homage to the beauty and sustainability of our oceans.

We were fortunate to indulge in a chef's menu at Under, bringing a delightful conclusion to our campaign with a satisfying wine arrangement and the added bonus of meeting the head chef.

"Fresh ingredients and pure, naked flavors are of the utmost importance to us. Simultaneously, we aim to provide our guests with a unique culinary experience that takes them beyond their comfort zone," says Head Chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard.

In this culinary oasis, the essence of fresh ingredients comes to life, and the meeting with the head chef adds a personal touch to an already extraordinary experience. It's not just about food; it's a journey for the senses, where flavors come alive, and guests are challenged to go beyond the familiar. Under embodies more than just a restaurant; it's a destination where culinary refinement and boundary-pushing experiences converge.

This is what makes the work truly enjoyable!

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For years, Restaurant Under had held a coveted spot on my wish list—a place of magic nestled five and a half meters below the surface in Norway, promising an enchanting exploration of the wonders beneath the sea.
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